New music: Chrisette Michele featuring Ne-Yo - What you do

New music: Chrisette Michele featuring Ne-Yo - What you doChrisette Michele is on the way with her second album Epiphany and her second single to come off of it is the Ne-Yo penned "What you do", which some of you may have already heard in some form before...

Listen: What you do

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This song is new, but it isn't. A demo version with just Ne-Yo had leaked a good few months back. It seems a couple of Ne-Yo's leaks are materializing into songs for other artists now. First Day 26 nabbing "Then there's you" and now Chrisette Michelle hopping on "What you do". I wish a chick would hop on "A little space".

Nothing against Chrisette, but I preferred Ne-Yo's version because he owned the song. Chrisette doesn't really own the song because Ne-Yo's vocal work is so prominent that it often undermines hers. If he was going to feature on the song, then he should've had his own verse instead of just contributing to backing vocals. Otherwise, he should've let Chrisete handle all of the vocal work, main and backing by herself. I think the song is pretty lazy as it is to be honest. A nice song, but spoiled with a couple of bad decisions made where the vocals are concerned.

I'll still be checking for Epiphany because I love what I've heard from the album so far. I'm glad Def Jam didn't give up on Chrisette entirely, because they could do with a chick at Def Jam who is all about the music. Although she'll never get the air time Mariah and Rihanna get, despite having more musical substance about her. But as we know, musical substance don't always sell. Big forehead, weave's, heels, titties and songs with lots of synths and hand claps do.


  1. I always wondered what you thought about Chrisette's first album and just her voice in general. I absolutely love her. I remember I got her album on itunes and I didn't know what to expect, but I just listened to the whole thing all the way through and loved it. Her voice is golden (much like the song "Golden"!). It's so rich and soulful.

    I'll definitely be checking her new album out. I really like this song and Chrisette sounds awesome. BUT I haven't heard the original Ne-Yo version, so I have nothing to compare it to.

  2. Ne-Yo shitted on this track. ANY artist that would have tried to come after him with a rendition wouldn't have been so lucky.


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