New music: Mario featuring Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane - Break up

New music: Mario featuring Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane - Break upA shit load of push backs and a couple of under performing albums later, Mario is set to drop a new album. And this bullshit which features Sean 'Hear a smash on the radio, bet I didn't pen it' Garrett and (I coin the term loosely...) "rapper" Gucci Mane is set to be his lead single. Oh Lord...

Listen: Break up

And then there was me
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This song sucks. But I'd expect no less from something which features Sean Garrett. I can't stand the dude. The only good songs the dude has hand a hand in have been his contributions to Ciara's The evolution ("Bang it up"), Beyoncé's B'Day and Britney's Blackout ("Toy soldiers"). Everything else has been some whack bullshit. He damn near killed Kelly Rowland and Nicole Scherzinger's careers with "Like this" and "Whatever you like" falling out of charts faster than Aretha Franklin's titty in a halter neck. Then you have Bangladesh: who did not come correct with the beat at all. I expected him to come with a certified club banger that'd get me moving. The only moving I did to "Break up" was to drag it to the recycle bin.

Mario had some hot song leaks over the past 6 months - several of which would've made hot singles. So I do not understand why he's going with this "Break up" mess for a lead single. The sad thing is, I bet somehow the song becomes a hit.


  1. The first time I listened to it I liked it, because it was Mario. The second time - it's okay. Third time, and I'm not sure if this is lead single material at all. He doesn't really own the song - it could just have easily been Gucci Mane's or Garrett's track with Mario as a feature artist.
    I disagree about Sean though. I think he's an amazing writer/producer when he's on point (Jojo - This Time/Usher - Yeah/PCD - Buttons/Fantasia - It's All Good/Kelis - Bossy).

  2. Damn, I forgot he wrote "Yeah" and "It's all good" (which was my CHOOOOON!!) :D

    Dude had some hits, but he's crap now. Even Beyoncé done felt the burn - having had him go from writing HOTNESS like "Get me bodied", "Green light" and "Upgrade U" to throwaway rubbish like "Diva" and "Video phone". Whatever creative spark he did have, that shit is GONE. He done infected Mario's song like he infected BoA's.


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