New music: Mario - Lonely girls club

New music: Mario - Lonely girls clubNe-Yo has stepped in and once again written a song for Mario entitled "Lonely girls club". Of course, it's gone and leaked. Bad for Mario, good for us.

Listen: Lonely girls club

And then there was me
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THIS is what I like from Mario. Smooth hot jams with a nice set of lyrics. Not stupid club tripe like "Break up". This needs to be a single. The song is hot, and has a really nice summer vibe about it. The beat gives me old school classic Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis vibes.

Not much word on Mario's album. But with a song leaking from him every other day, things already aren't looking good. Somebody in Mario's camp needs to keep a tighter reign on his material, otherwise it'll be Go! situation all over again. And I can't see Clive Davis giving Mario another shot or another record label fighting to sign him in the event of him being dropped - regardless of how talented the guy is.

It's always the ones with the talent and the hot songs that get the bum deals in the music game. It happens often, but it never ceases to amaze me.


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