New music: NLT - Magnetic

New music: NLT - MagneticDamn! These guys are still around!? I thought they would've gotten dropped by now. You gotta admire the hustle. Although to be rather bleak, their time is almost up. The only white boy band that the masses seem to have time for these days in the Jonas Brothers. So unless these guys manage to get a gig in a High school musical film or some Disney shit. They will get dropped like a hot brick.

Listen: Magnetic

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Love the beat, not liking the vocals. The boys just sound iffy and the vocal production in general is just too ragged for my liking. Justin Timberlake would've killed it on this beat. I also think Ciara would've sounded really nice on this. I know many associate her with the uptempo joints, but it's on the slower jams where I think Ciara shines best. "Magnetic" has potential, but I just think the song was gone about the wrong way. Crap vocals and also crap lyrics aside from the chorus.

No idea what's going on with NLT. They've had 2 albums worth of material leak over the past 3 years and not much movement where their career is concerned. They're signed to Geffen records and managed by T.U.G entertainment. My prayers go out to them. Geffen records is a mess and T.U.G entertainment has been a joke of a company since day one. Where exactly are Marques Houston and Omarion now? Oh, is that crickets I hear and tumble weed I see rolling past...

I don't dislike NLT, but I don't think they're anything special neither. They're just 4 white dudes in a group. Nothing striking or unique about them on any level really.


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