New music: Sean Kingston - Fire burning

New music: Sean Kingston - Fire burningThe 'artist' (I use the term loosely) who looks like a cross between Kenan from Kenan and Kel, a Teenage ninja mutant turtle and those Goomba's from the Super Mario games that you could jump on and squash - has a new song out. It's called "Fire burning", the one thing this song should be thrown in to.

Listen: Fire burning

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We can thank Brotha darkness (aka 'The prince of darkness' aka Akon) for the door being left wide open for n***a's with no vocal talent to get record labels and put out songs. Brothea darkness can at least produce good songs. But this Black ninja turtle is just a waste of space. He's like a male version of Cassie, only less easy on the eye and with bigger titties.

"Fire burning" is rubbish. I don't like it at all. The beat is annoying. It's too synthy, even by RedOne's standards. But I forsee this song going down well in clubs and going number 1, especially in the UK.

I honestly have no idea how Sean Kingston got a record label. The dude can't sing, he has no sex appeal and he's just rubbish. I'm sure there are much more talented artists in Jamacia that Epic records could've signed than him.


  1. Don't blame Akon, blame the fools who sign him and people like him. We got so many talentless hacks in the music industry already, what's one more? I'll just continue to do my part and not spend one penny on them.


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