Bonus material: Ryan Tedder - Battlefield

Bonus material: Ryan Tedder - Battlefield
We all know that the man behind Jordin Sparks single "Battlefield" was OneRepublic front man Ryan Tedder, right? Well, we can hear how he sounds on his own song.

♪ Battlefield
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I actually prefer Ryan's version to Jordin's. I can't quite put my finger on why. But as soon as he started to sing, I just preferred it. This is already on the iPod. Methinks this would've made a great OneRepublic single. It's be great if we could have Ryan's versions of Kelly Clarkson's "Already gone" and the Beyondroid's "Halo" too.

And for you OneRepublic fans out there: the band are currently hard at work on their new album. I have no idea where the hell Ryan is finding the time in between penning and producing all of these hits for others. But he's on his super grind in the studio for OneRepublic's new album. With any luck, all this exposure he's getting for producing hits for lucky ladies will help propel the band's new album whenever it drops. I mean, if penning a #1 hit for Leona Lewis and another for Beyoncé can't help you, I dunno what can.


  1. I loved their first album, so I'll be getting the second. When I get the time, I'll give this a listen.


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