New music: Amerie - Tell me U love me

New music: Amerie - Why R U
Amerie's lead single "Why R U?" from her 4th studio album did nothing for me. Nothing at all. But thankfully this leak has dropped to in still some faith in me that Amerie will have that 'Amerie hotness' on her new album.

Listen: Tell me U love me

In love & war
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I can work with this. I think this is hot. Much better than "Why R U?". The song feels like it's lacking something in the way of the percussion. Maybe more Go-Go percussion and some cowbells or something. Plus Amerie ain't yodelling enough over it. The song could do with 20% more yodels and layered "Oh"'s and "Woo"'s. But the song is still doing it for me.

I will definitely be checking out Amerie's new album when it drops. I copped both Touch and Because I love it, and enjoyed them way more than I thought I would. Plus, Amerie is just so fine. You gotta love them legs. And how hot does she look in the picture above!?

I'm surprised Amerie didn't do something with BoA - with her being half Korean and having done a little something with Se7en a couple of years back. I'm glad she didn't though. Chances are BoA would've tried her hand at singing over a Go-Go inspired beat and that's something I do not want to be subjected to...ever!!!

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