New music: Amerie - Why R U

New music: Amerie - Why R UAfter having her last album Because I love it shitted on, Amerie is making her way back to the game in the care (or mis-care as the case could well be) of Def Jam, and a new single in tow.

Listen: Why R U

In love & war
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I hope for Amerie's sake that she shoots the best music video of her life for this song and that she's willing to promote herself into exhaustion, because this song won't do shit commercially unless she does. I think the song is pretty boring. The song may grow on me, but nothing about it is making me love it right now.

She best make the most of the window she's being given, because Def Jam don't seem to be able to support more than one light skinned chick at a time. Shoot, they can't support more than one artist as a time, PERIOD! Only a label like Def Jam could have the likes of Janet and Mariah on the same label and drop the ball of their 2008 releases, let hot talent like Tearria Mari and Megan Rochell rot in a corner, and then allow Amerie to release some old-skool dryness as a comeback single.

Amerie's new album In love & war releases this summer. She best have some tricks up her sleeves. Because I don't think throwback percussion and a bunch of yodels can save her arse this time. Shit would've been a whole lot different for Amerie if "Crush" got an official release from her last album. That was such a JAM! One of Amerie's best songs by far.

As for that album that got shitted on....: Because I love it album review


  1. This song is my shit!

    Even if you're probably right that it might not blow up big, I'm still rocking with it!

  2. New Koda Kumi triple a-side is set for release in July - you can listen to two of the songs here:

    Just in case you wanted to know ;-)


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