New music: The Black eyed peas - Meet me halfway

New music: The Black eyed peas - Meet me halfway
The Black eyed peas songs have been leaking daily, as part of a countdown until their album The E.N.D drops. But I've not bothered posting on any of the songs, because frankly they've all been shit. But "Meet me halfway" on the other hand...

Listen: Meet me halfway

The E.N.D
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Somebody grab a fire extinguisher, because we have fire right here! This is one of the first Black eyed peas songs that I've heard that I genuinely like and will play the hell out of. As much as I love the song though, it isn't perfect. The verses are a mess, because they're lifeless, not catchy and have no real sense of flow. The Black eyed peas claim the energy never really dies, but it's dead where the verses are concerned. Then you have that nasty bridge section. I actually think Fergie would've been better off singing this song on her own. After all, it's her hooks that make this whole song. She sounds BAAAADDD!!! I have to throw it out there though, that like "Boom Boom Pow" I feel this song would've been hotter if Kanye West were on it. He's the only dude I feel could rap on a song like this and set it off in the best possible way. He has that flow and style that would've had things on "Meet me halfway" sound just right, and sat alongside Fergie's hooks really well. Plus, the song sounds like the kinda thing Kanye would do.

There are no plans for this to be a single which I think is a shame. Despite me slagging off the verses, I think it's a really hot song. The hook is such crack and the beat is so fly and old skool that I can work with it all.


  1. humm
    J, J, J, 'Meet me haf way' Is just OK, in my Opinion...

    Man, Im surprised that You dont like 'Party All the Time' --> THAT RIGHT THERE IS FIRE!!!!!1000000000 bette then 'Meet Me...' An 'ALIVE' is HOT SONG also! Those are My favorites so far...

    U should check the out You havent!


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