New music: Brandy featuring Ne-Yo - Decisions

New music: Brandy featuring Ne-Yo - Decisions
A version of this song leaked some time ago with just Ne-Yo and now Brandy hops on it! It's mad these Ne-Yo leaks which spring every day are slowly materializing into new songs for other artists. First Day 26 nabbing "Then there's you", then Chrisette copping "What you do" and now Brandy on "Decisions"!

Listen: Decisions

Brandy's forthcoming 6th studio album
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I love Brandy and have love for Ne-Yo. But I actually don't think this song is all that great. It's just alright. Brandy and Ne-Yo both sound vocally  on point as they always do. But as happens sometimes on Ne-Yo penned and co-produced song; he comes through so strong that the additional artist gets lost in his style. I was really expecting Brandy to lace this with her magic touch where vocal production is concerned. But she sang the song straight Ne-Yo style. I expected more from these two. There was no vocal chemistry there at all. It's sad to say that I think Ne-Yo and The Forehead's duet "I hate that I love you" is hotter than this one. The version with Brandy sounds no better to me than the version with her, and as a Brandy stan and stanner of all things Brandy - I can't believe I think that.

I do hope Ne-Yo works with Brandy on something new. With them both being around the same age, both being parents and running things where vocal production is concerned - I know they could cook up something ridiculous. Plus, after what Ne-Yo did on most of Chrisette's Epiphany album, I know he could bring something hot and substantial to the table for Brandy. Certainly something better than "Decisions".

Thanks to Buddha for the heads up on this song.


  1. I didn't listen to Ne-Yo's version prior to Brandy's version leaking. So I enjoy it a lot. Brandy's voice is beautiful on this track.

  2. I still love this track. I've been playing it for the past few hours multiple times.

  3. This track is lame compared to what I'm used to from Brandy. The beat doesn't suit her.


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