New music: Crystal Kay - Over and over

New music: Crystal Kay - Over and overCrystal premiered her brand new song during her guest set on Oh! My radio a couple of days ago. There's no HQ of the song as yet, so for now you'll have to make do with a crappy radio rip. When the fresh high quality version hits, you know I'll hook you up. Until then, check it out and think about how much better this shit will sound in HQ.

Listen: Over and over

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This is more of what I wished Crystal had brought to the table with Color change! The bounce is just crazy. I'm all in favour of those warbling basslines. I like how despite being much more club orientated than we've gotten from Crystal in the past, it still has that unmistakable classic Crystal vibe.

If Crystal recorded this shit in English she could have a Summer hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Especially in the UK where this kind of sound is really big right now. I stan for this song. I can't wait to find out who produced it. One wonders if it could be M-Flo's Taku Takahashi...

"Over and over" is the theme insert song for MBS's new fashion show Dress. No word on whether the song will receive a PV, but it's highly likely. I'm hoping it'll be good. Crystal has a habit of doing really crap PV's for her songs. I wanna see Crystal working one HOT look for the video, and bustin' out some moves in stupid heels and a fly pair of sunglasses. No sat on a chair looking dead in some shapeless dress with a flashing light and 6 balloons floating around her bullshit.

Whilst I'd love for Crystal to drop a new album, I don't think she will. At least not yet. Her official website has been decked out in celebration of her 10th anniversary as an artist. So there's a greater chance of Crystal dropping a compilation album as opposed to a new studio album. Word is abound that it'll be titled CK10. I hope I'm wrong though. I could go for some new Crystal. A compliation album with about 2 new songs and knowing no new album is going to drop for another year would be the ultimate prick tease.

A big thank you to Krystle for letting me know that this song had finally impacted.

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  1. this song is long as hell! doesn't feel like the crystal kay i like.

  2. I'm really liking the club vibe of this song and I don't usually like club music. This def has summer written all over it. While I would love to hear a new studio release also I do want her 10 year compilation. I'm hoping and praying that Sony includes the concert she did on tv recently or even one of her color change shows, anything, I just want to see live material that's more than one or two songs.

  3. No problem J! I know you stan for Crystal Kay!

    I hope for a good music video as well. I'm tired of the same crappy Crystal Kay videos as well.

  4. I must be the only CK stan who doesn't like this cut!


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