New music: Esmée Denters featuring Justin Timberlake - Casanova

Esmée Denters featuring Justin Timberlake - CasanovaWith Esmée's album around the corner, we already have a leaky leak from it. Whilst her official debut single had her hauling her arse onto the europop bandwagon, she slows things right down for this joint.

Listen: Casanova

Outta here
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I did not expect Esmée to drop it like THAT. Esmée rides the hell out of the beat and the vibe is super sexy. As soon as the beat came in I was just overcome with this feel of Aaliyah. You lot felt it too right? Baby girl was all up in the air as the song played.

The only thing I don't like about "Casanova" is the inclusion of Justin. His verses are just cheesy and unecessary. With any luck the album version of this song will be void of him. But I doubt it.

You'd think Timbaland, or perhaps Danja produced this track right? Wrong!! Any song that sounds like Timbo these days is more than likely from The Y's: a production team comprised of Justin Timberfake, songwriter and vocal producer James Fauntleroy and the biter himself - Rob Knox. Knox does Timbo better than Timbo can himself right now. I thought Ciara's "G is for girl (A-Z)" was some jacking, but this!? Somebody needs to text Tim, and tell a n***a he needs to get his act together. Because there's a dude who'll bring to the table what he can't. The beat bites Timbo hard, but it's seriously hot.

Info on the YouTube sensation's debut: Esmée gets "Outta here"


  1. Good for her. A hot, if done before, song. And where the fuck has Tim been?

  2. This has gotta be Danja... if not, I'ma stab somebody.

  3. @ Jordan
    *LMAO!* @ "where the fuck has Tim been?"Producing garbage and being pushed to the side lines by folk like Danja, Justin and his crew The Y's, and other dudes getting them high profile gigs and hits like Rodney Jerkins, The Dream, Tricky Stewart and Ryan Teddar. Even Dr. Luke be working them club bangers now!! N***a must be feeling real redundant about now. He needs to come back HARD with a track, because everything he's been doing has been sounding so-so. I have to play his classics to remind myself of how good Tim can be when he's on his A-game. I knew shit was wrong with Tim after I heard Hard candy and how Pharrell produced Tim under a bus like it weren't a damn thing.

    @ Frederick
    I JUST this second read it's Danja. I still need to some album credits though. I remember how "G is for Girl (A-Z)" was doing the rounds as a Danja production for the longest time. Fred, I just don't know any more!!! *LOL*

    If it turns out it is Danja, then I'm surprised he didn't chuck more synths up into the song. We know how he loves him some synths and blips. But the more I listen to it, the more I can hear (what could be) Danja.

  4. LOL same thing... Turntables was released as a snippet and I was like, no way this is Danja. Turned out to be. Who knows any more? That Ciara CD was a disappointment in terms of Danja's involvement. Let's not even talk about it.

  5. Why the hell does Justin Timberlake have to be on almost every dang song? He doesn't even sing that well. This song sounds like every other song on the radio right now (just like that Amerie song) but it will probably do well for her because it's very repetitive.


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