New music: Jennifer Lopez - What is love

New music: Jennifer Lopez - What is loveThere is still no word on whether Jennifer Lopez is prepping a new studio album or a Greatest hits collection. But we have another song from her. Unlike "Hooked on you" which was falsely coined as a Darkchild production, "What is love" is 100% produced by Rodney Jerkins.

Listen: What is love

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I see Rodney Jerkins is doing what he did to Brandy before: giving other chicks a sound that sounds like it was intended for her. The songs sounds mad like Brandy to me. It's a shame she didn't get this song, because everybody who is all about Brandy knows she would've sung the hell out of it. The lyrics would've carried more weight with Brandy on it too. It's hard to take the song seriously when Jennifer is wailing over the beat like a Border collie being raped, and she's singing about wanting to find somebody when she's married with 2 kids.

The song was written by American singer and songwriter Wynter Gordon, who isn't pleased with the end result of the song. She expressed her displeasure with the song by saying: "It was a personal song that meant too much for it to end this way" and stating the recorded version did the song nor Jennifer justice. I agree. The song may have come after Brandy recorded Human, but there's no lack of other female talent that could've done this song justice. Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis, Kelly Rowland...

Still, the song is nice enough. J.Lo sounds like she's singing way out of her range, but the music is so hot it manages to not to cause the song to fall into complete fail. Rodney Jerkins always gives Jennifer the hotness when he works with her. I don't think there's been a single song he's produced for her that wasn't at least half decent. It's a shame Jennifer didn't record songs as hot as this and "Hooked on you" for her last album Brave. It would've been worth bothering with if she had.


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