New music: Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

New music: Jordin Sparks - BattlefieldThe young American idol winner that is Jordin Sparks is back with a brand new single off of her currently untitled sophomore album, and it's titled "Battlefield". You can almost guess what the song's going to be about based on the title. Can you not...?

Listen: Battlefield

Jordin Sparks' second studio album
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When I first started listening to this song, it didn't sound like an obvious single choice to me. But by the end I could just envision this burning up a chart for days. A great song. Jordin sounds so different, and I like the change. She has a confidence and swagger about her delivery now - which does her wonders.

"Battlefield" was written and produced by Ryan Tedder, who has been knocking out the hits for the ladies as of late. OneRepublic may as well call it a day. When will Ryan even find time to record a new album with the band and tour with all the producing gigs he's lined up for!? He has the midas touch. And I love how he's working with ladies who can actually carry his songs off correctly and take it there vocally. He tripped up working with Jennifer Lopez for "Do it well", but redeemed himself with the Beyondroid's "Halo", Kelly Clarkson's "Already gone" and now Jordin's "Battlefield". I wish he'd hit a studio with Brandy. I can't even imagine how that studio session would turn out.

This single has just put Jordin's new album right on my radar. I can't wait to hear it.


  1. It's alright. The chorus gets old real fast. It's extremely radio friendly though, and it'll do really well on the charts.


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