New music: Ravex featuring Namie Amuro - Rock U

New music: Namie Amuro - Rock UThe super cool Namie Amuro teamed up with fellow super cool-ite Shinichi Osawa (also known as Mondo Grosso) to knock out a new song for Avex Trax's anniversary album Trax. BoA has a song on the album too, but who cares about that piece of shit song when Namie features on a lil' banger you can two step it up to!?

Listen: Rock U

© 2009 Avex Trax

I love the energy Namie has about her on this song. I didn't think Namie had it in her! Even though she's in her 30's, she manages to stay fresh and get better with time. Just how an artist should roll. I don't think Namie has ever sung so much of a song in English before. She sounds good though. Her English game has stepped up ten-fold. Her English certainly sounds better than BoA's does.

Avex Trax were dumb for not making this a single. The only reason I can think of for Avex Trax not going making this a single is because of scheduling conflicts because of Namie's Best fiction tour. Namie could drop "Rock U" in the UK and and have a chart and club hit with this - as this kind of sound is big over here right now. Also, Shinichi Osawa is known of on these shores; having collaborated with The Chemical brothers and also having played sets in London on several occasions.

Namie needs to stop her damn tour and just drop a new album. It's been too long since Play, and I'm tired of her prick teasing with these new songs here and there.

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