New music: Super Junior - It's you

New music: Super Junior - It's you
Super Junior will are set to release a new single titled "It's you". For those of you who have Super Junior's Sorry, sorry album: Don't bother scanning the tracklist for this song. It's not on there. It's set to feature on a repackaging of said album, which is due this month. Don't ask why. I've asked myself that question already. We'll get to the bitching about how this repackage is a joke after we've given the song a play.

Listen: It's you

Sorry, sorry (Version C)
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I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind such an early repackage of their album. It's not like it bombed so badly and had been exhausted with single releases. I'm surprised "Why I like you" wasn't made a second single, given the guys used to perform it alongside "Sorry, sorry" - and also because the song is just straight fire from start to finish. Just call me Amy Winehouse, because I'm all over that song like crack. "It's you" actually sounds a fair bit like "Why I like you", only without the club vibe and the infectious bounce.

"It's you" is a really good song. And a nice follow up to "Sorry, sorry". I just think the repackaging of the album this early is stupid and just a blatant attempt to extort more money out of fans. It's not even subtle. Could SM entertainment have not waited a couple of months so they could've put the first issue of the album out with "It's you" included in the tracklist!? SuJu fans just got suckered and punk'd. The saddest thing is that the SuJu stans probably won't mind buying the album again, despite putting down Won to buy the original Sorry, sorry issue a month and a half ago.

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