Bonus material: Beyoncé featuring Kanye West - Ego (Remix)

Bonus material: Beyoncé featuring Kanye West - Ego (Remix)"Ego" is a song which a lot of I am... Sasha Fierce listeners really liked. Me? I never thought much of it. The song is just okay to me. The Beyondroid plans to release this as a single alongside "Sweet dreams" - which kills the trend of a double A-side featuring one song from each disc of her I am... Sasha Fierce album. But to be honest, I always felt "Ego" was more of an I am... track than a Sasha Fierce one. Oddly though, the single release will not be the one which features Kanye. I swear the n***a on everything but milk cartons and packs of cereal these days. I guess he missed all the rapping he didn't do on 808s & heartbreak.

♪ Ego (Remix)
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I have to give it to Kanye. Every guest feature he's put in up until now has been fire to the point where the headlining artist doesn't even matter. But his verse on "Ego" is pretty crap. Given that Kanye's own ego is the size of a small planet, you would've thought he'd have come with more swagger and pushed B out of her own song. But he sounds dead and fed up.

I don't understand why Jay-Z didn't hop on "Ego" instead. We all know he would've come correct with his verse, and given he is the Beyondroid's husband and that she's probably singing about him in a tongue in cheek way - he would've made sense on the track.

"It's too big, it's too wide. It's too strong, it won't fit". With lyrics like that she could be talking about her booty, her weaves or her husbands lips. I really am not a fan of this song. I actually would've preferred "Video phone" as the next single over "Ego" and the forthcoming (and damn old) "Sweet dreams". I can't quite believe I said that, but it's true. Say what you will about how rubbish the lyrics are, but the song is mad catchy and the beat knocks HARD. Plus, we already have a video treatment that the Beyondroid could use. Catchy dance, white chick with moves and a n***a in a tutu as well! Missed opportunity B...missed opportunity.

Even though the Kanye West remix of "Ego" will not be released as a single, it will feature on the Beyondroid's new DVD Above and Beyoncé (Video collection & dance remixes)

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