New music: Brandy - Too little too late

New music: Brandy
As Brandy stays grinding on her sixth studio album, a song of hers leaks. Today's Brandy leak was written by Ne-Yo and I'm going to assume the song was produced by Stargate, as it sounds a lot like their style. Ne-Yo needs to keep better lids on his shit. Every other day a song he's associated with leaks.

Listen: Too little too late

Brandy's sixth studio album
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I prefer this song to "Decisions" ten-fold, which I've now grown to hate now. The song is a little boring if truth be told, but it does a nice job of highlighting Brandy's vocals. Though they don't sound as rich as I'd like. I'm gonna say it's something to do with the mixing rather than Brandy herself. She hits every note perfect and is on point from start to finish. But I just didn't get that richness how I did with some of the slower numbers on Human. Hopefully if this song makes the new album, Brandy will either re-record her vocals or Stargate will adjust some of the levels or something. Because I wasn't getting all those rich tones in Brandy's voice. All I was getting was piano and bass. I might be talking out of my arse hole. Or maybe I evaluate shit too much. I'll wait for somebody to say they know what I mean, so I know I'm not just being crazy.

I'm looking forward to Brandy's album. But the two Ne-Yo and Stargate contributions we've had so far aren't a patch on some of the unreleased songs that leaked from the Human sessions. "Decisions" was as dry as my Granddad's toe (which I assure you is so dry that it's cracking) and "Too little, too late" sounds like The Forehead's "Unfaithful", the Beyondroid's "If" and Usher's "My mistakes". Brandy's worth much better material than this.

"Back and forth" is still getting mad spins from me and "Love me the most" never gets left alone. "Too little too late" and "Decisions" ain't got shit on these songs in my opinion.


  1. I love this song but I still think it reeks of too much Ne-Yo.

    Have you heard the duet version?

  2. and you forgot "Bring It Back" which I think is the best of the 3 tracks that Brandy did with Eric Hudson :)

  3. I have heard the version with Ne-Yo, but I like the version with him even less. Because it saturates Brandy out in the same way "Decisions" did. "Too little too late" is a nice song, but we've heard it before. Brandy gives a great vocal performance, but still: somehow she just doesn't come through enough for me.

    Whatever Stargate and Ne-Yo are working with in the studio regarding their tracks with Brandy is almost restraining her. Brandy doesn't sound nowhere near as rich and at the forefront of the song as she did on "True" on Human or "Love wouldn't count me out" on Full moon - which this song reminds me a lot of.

  4. Very nice song, and Brandy sounds great. I think the issue is that it's probably yet to be fully mixed and layered. You just know Brandy's gonna hook this up with the background harmonies, because for a Brandy track, the harmonies and richness is obviously lacking.

    It is a nice song though, but it's no "True", which I LOVE! And now that you mention it, it sounds A LOT like "Love Wouldn't count me out". It's got that sounds moody, dark piano vibe to it.


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