New music: Calvin Harris - Yeah yeah yeah, La la la

New music: Ginuwine featuring Brandy - Bridge to love
Hell yeah!!! I got this shit in full now. No more watching that stupid Coca Cola advert over and over on YouTube.

Listen: Yeah yeah yeah, La la la

Calvin's second studio album
© 2009 Columbia records, Sony BMG music entertainment

I cannot understand a single word the guy is singing other than "Yeah yeah yeah, la la la", but I don't give two shits. This is my jam. I LOVE the beat and the stanky bit of funk that goes down on the chorus with the guitar and the cowbells.

It's uncertain if this is the finalized version which will appear on Calvin Harris' album; because he himself has said he's done quite a few versions of this song. I'll be a happy bunny whether this is the finalized version or not. I love it as it is, but if Calvin drops his album with a newer version cool additional tweaks here and there, then I'll be all over it regardless.


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