New music: Crystal Kay featuring BoA - Girlfriend

New music: Crystal Kay featuring BoA - Girlfriend
Crystal premiered her brand new single with BoA on Oh! My radio a couple of nights ago and, here it is for your listening pleasure.

Listen: Girlfriend

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I'm feeling this. With the song being on Crystal's terms, it has a much better and honed sound than "Universe" did: which was just 3 minutes of fail.

BoA sounds surprisingly good on this. Almost too good. Her voice goes better with Crystal's than I thought it would. The Kuri fan and BoA lover and hater (in equal measure) in me kinda loathes how B.Oa manages to come through stronger and better than Crystal at times. I really was hoping that Crystal would sing her under a bullet train. But she doesn't. It's almost like Crystal's being graceful, stepping to the side and letting BoA shine. Because Kuri fans, let's not front: BoA got her shine on right here and went toe-to-toe with Crystal.

Still no word on whether Crystal will be dropping a 'Best' compilation album or a brand new studio album this year. But Crystal has reportedly been in the recording studio a heck of a lot over the past 5 months. Way too much studio to record just a couple of extra songs to be tagged onto a compilation album. And then of course we have "Over and over" and that track she did with KAT-TUN's Jin Akanishi doing the rounds on the down low. She could also pull a BoA and drop a compilation and a new album simultaneously, but I doubt it. I'd he haps if she did...but I doubt it. Buy July we'll hopefully know the full deal and what Crystal has in store for later this year.

Also, I may have been right as to who produced "Over and over". Word is that M-Flo were behind it. Which would mean Taku Takahashi would have indeed produced it! I'm mad the song isn't being pushed as a single and will get no video, because the song is way too hot.


  1. OOOh! I like it, it's different and will be perfect for my trip to Japan! ^_^

  2. You know I was waiting for Over and Over. I like the song but I don't love it. But I'll take any new Crystal Kay.

  3. I did read that she will be releasing a double A side single on Aug. 5th. Apparently someone saw this info on play asia. So hopefully over and over will be on it. I also would like to have that other song she released at the beginning of 09'. I'm blanking on the name. By the way I really like this song. :)

  4. i absolutely love it! and i like BoA too but i gotta admit crystals holdin back 4 her but its still great and i cant wait for the new greatest hits album! :D


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