New music: Ginuwine featuring Brandy - Bridge to love

New music: Ginuwine featuring Brandy - Bridge to love
Ginuwine and Brandy have recorded a collabo for Ginuwine's album A man's thoughts. This is exactly what I need after being subjected to that mess he did with Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

Listen: Bridge to love

A man's thoughts
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Those who thought "Decisions" was a decent duet need to sit down and listen to this. THIS sounds like a song that's in both Ginuwine and Brandy musical scope. Not like "Decisions" which was just straight Ne-Yo from start to finish and had Brandy skimping on the vocal game she's on usually.

I love this song. Both Brandy and Ginuwine sound great. Although the Bran-stan in me just wishes she did the whole thing herself. The way she puts it down on her verse is just stupid. She's not even going hard with the vocals, yet she owns the hell out of her verse with her soft delivery and harmonized layering. It is a shame that there doesn't seem to be much vocal chemistry between Brandy and Ginuwine in the same way there was with say Brandy's collab with John Legend for "Quickly". But this is definitely better than Brandy and Ne-Yo's pairing on "Decisions" - which I was not on at all. And "Bridge to love" more than makes up for that "Get involved" tripe.

I know there must be folk out there who have already blown up forums claiming Brandy's trying to replace Aaliyah with her having worked with Timbaland in the past and now featuring on a song with Ginuwine. But I'm not even going to entertain the rubbish.


  1. Who is Baby girl?

  2. Sorry mate. I typed that as though everybody would know who I was referring to. Baby girl was Aaliyah's nick name.


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