New music: Girls' generation - Tell me your wish (Genie)

New music: Girls' generation - Tell me your wish (Genie)
The SNSD-bots are back after a long charge with their new pop single "Genie". Part innocent pop, part sex on a beat for 3 minutes. Any song about a girl wanting to grant a wish and rubbing of lamps is p'yo sex.

Listen: Tell me your wish (Genie)

Genie: The second mini album
© 2009 SM entertainment

I like the song...but I don't love it. It just didn't win me over straight away how "Gee" did. The song lacks that killer punch. The girls vocal sound too mute, and too lax. It could've done with a much more powerful vocal all round and much better vocal production. You'd think between 8 girls they'd have a decent enough voice between them. But nope. The girl who drops the hot ad-libs towards the end (SNSD-stan bots: identify her for me!) should've been locked in the studio, had her microphone turned up and be made to sing the chorus in 8 different keys so the mixer could just layer her shit and call it a day. Because it's only when she comes in that the vocals actually stand out. The "I'm genie faw ya boy! I'm genie faw you wish" was awful though. The song starts all cutesy and then the SNSD-bots thug thistle it out on the chorus.

The song sounds a lot to me like a Super Junior cut from their Sorry, sorry album. I'm not sure what it is; but when the chorus came in, Super Junior immediately came to mind. I'm thinking maybe the same dude who produced "Sorry, sorry" did "Tell me you wish (Genie)" too.

I can see this song being a grower for me, because I do like it, and production is hot. But it just lacks impact. It's already gotten approval for the iPod and avoided the recycle bin, so I give the girls' props. I wasn't expecting much from them anyway, so this song was a nice surprise.

Watch it: The music video to the crack song that is "Gee"


  1. I like this, but when I see them all I can think about is a giant, sexy/freaky, Korean orgy, with ridiculous costumes and neon everywhere.

    That's just me though.

  2. It's ok but yeah, it didn't grab my attention. I don't think it will match up to 2NE1's Fire, SHINee Juliette or 2PM's I Hate You who are the ones winning mutizens.

    It's not as you said, not a song that can win you over like Gee. Therefore, I'm not putting it on my ipod.

    Random J, did you hear the intro and outro? Annoying, aren't they? It's a waste that puts me off the song even more.

  3. Yeah, I agree. They should've left that crap for the video edit of the song. It's just unnecessary and too sickly cute for my liking.

    The song is growing on me though. It's definitely no 2NE1 "Fire" and "Gee" is MUCH better. But I do like it. It's a nice song for what it is.

    I just know the video is gonna be some overly cute bullcrap with rubbish dancing though.

  4. That's true. Yet, it's being pushed back to June 29th I think because of the controversy to the album cover.

  5. The girl doing the adlibs is Taeyeon, the leader. She can outsing half the group, which really isn't saying much.

    I like the song, but I don't love it. If it has a hot video I think it will grow on me more.

    And have you checked out the SNSD and Super Junior live? Where they SNSD sang Sorry, Sorry and Super Junior sang Gee?


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