New music: LeToya - She ain't got...

New music: LeToya - She ain't got...
LeToya's second studio album has been pushed back shit loads of times. Lord knows if its August release date will stick. But she has a second single that's ready to do the rounds.

Listen: She ain't got...

Lady love
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Danja got beat jacked every which way. If I didn't know better I'd swear it was him that produced it. When I first heard Keri's "Alienated" I didn't think much of Danja's style getting jacked, given Danja produced the song alongside Cory himself. So I just figured it was him coming through in the music. But then I heard LeToya's "She ain't got" without Danja on 'additional production' duties, and a n***a got beat jacked in such a fashion. It's raw, it's stone cold, it's amazing, with a taste that's almost a little disgusting. Dudes got skills though.

As for the song, it's alright I guess. It's got everything I tend to go for in a song, so I'm surprised in myself that I don't like it more than I do. The song was co-written by Chris 'take you down' Brown. Something LeToya may want to keep on the down low.

You gotta give Miss Luckett props. She managed to catch a hit single, a hit album and still hold a record deal post Destiny's child. Something that the Beyondroid's back up singers Kelly and Michelle can't boast about. And I know I'm not alone when I say that LeToya was in the top 2 finest members of Destiny's child. I had it BAD for LeToya back in the day, more so than the Beyondroid. We should've seen the writing was on the wall from back then. LeToya was too light, had weaves too perfect, was too fine from day one and as we now know had a voice too decent to be in the group with B for too long.


  1. I really love it, it's actually the first time this year I am addicted to an R&B song since last year's Madonna and Mariah Carey's song.


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