New music: Mariah Carey - Obsessed

New music: Mariah Carey - Obsessed
New Mariah!!!!

Listen: Obsessed

Listen: Obsessed (Remix) featuring Gucci Mane

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For those who don't know: Eminem and Mariah supposedly had a brief 'relationship'. Something that is pretty one sided on Eminem's part. He claims Mariah wouldn't leave him the frick alone, whilst Mariah is playing the "I never did a damn thing with that w***a" card.

Eminem's been very vocal in a song how he feels about Mariah ("Superman") and more recently her husband "Bagpipes for Baghdad"), whilst Mariah's been very silent on the subject. Only giving Eminem air time on her Charmbracelet song "Clown", and now 5 years later on her new single"Obsessed". You gotta give it to Mariah. Many chicks wouldn't bother giving Eminem air time in fear of getting seriously dissed. But I like how she did it, and the way she went about it musically. The lyrics are just plain funny.

"Got you all fired up with your Napoleon complex.
Seeing right through you like you're bathing in Windex".

POW! How can you not love that line!? And then there's that beat which knocks HARD! The song isn't out of Mariah's musical comfort zone so much it'll alienate fans, yet is kinda new for her because it's so ballsy; which makes this shit mo' convincingly hood than Mariah usually does. Granted: the song isn't amazing. And you could question why a chick who is 10 plus years deep in her career and has (or had) one of the best voices of the past decade isn't putting out something more substantial. But I don't give a shit. "Obsessed" is hot and I've been wearing out patches to my carpet to it for the past hour. It has the the hotness of "Migrate", but with better lyrics. Plus it's T-Pain free, yet not auto-tune free. I heard Mariah's vocals get pitch corrected up in that chorus. But it did sound hot, so I'll allow her.

The only thing I don't like about this song is that it features no bridge section or a melody change. Even a simple beat like "Obsessed" could be switched up with a catchy bridge where we get a melody change. Look at how Tricky did with "Single ladies"! Just when you thought constant handclaps couldn't progress into any form of melody he brings in the bridge. "Obsessed" ends right at the point when the beat begins to get a little monotonous. But it's a shame more wasn't done with it. I also don't like how Mariah still doesn't know how to balance the belting, and feels that every song needs to have her belting in the final run of a chorus. There's not even a build up to it. It's literally like 0:00 - 3:00: Mid range singing / 3:23 - 4:00: Belts out of nowhere. At least with the Beyondroid it doesn't sneak up on you. It's gradual. And on some occasions she doesn't belt full stop. There's a lesson to be taught here: You don't always need to belt on a song just because you can. You'd think Mariah would avoid them unnecessarily on studio recordings. Especially when we know she wouldn't be able to do them good live without sounding like she's got Nick Cannon's length in her mouth.

The Dream and Tricky Stewart did the damn thing with "Obsessed" overall though. It's a grower and has the makings of a US #1. I don't think she'll top charts in the UK with this - but urban radio will soak this up and clubs that spin hip hop and R&B will be all over this.

For those who hear this song for the first time and don't feel it: give it a chance. It is a grower.

Now let's look forward to those live performances of this song where Mariah stays on the same spot for four minutes hitting bad notes left, right and centre in skirt, top and jacket combo that's 4 sizes too small.


  1. Nice review. I wasn't too sure about the song at first, but it's certainly grown on me. Have you heard the remix with Gucci Mane yet? It's surprisingly pretty good.

  2. Dude, the remix is in the post with the original. Did you not see it? :)

    I like the remix. I was surprised at how much so. Gucci Mane helps kill the monotony of the beat. He could've done with another verse though. I never though I'd say I could do with another verse from Gucci Mane - but there ya go! *lol*

  3. Yeah, the live performances are going to be terrible. I can see it now. I would love to see her try to do the part where it sounds like she's choking on said length.

    I like the song though.

  4. I like both versions but I'll get the remix.

  5. whitney houston better come HARD she got some competetion

  6. Damn, I forgot Whitney was even coming out with an album.


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