New music: Rihanna - Te amo

New music: Rihanna - Te amo
The Forehead's in the papers and on blogs so much for just stepping out and getting her fashion on, that I forgot she was actually an artist recording a fourth studio album. No idea when the album will drop. Mariah best hope it's next year though. Don't think fo' a SECOND that Memoirs of an imperfect angel wouldn't get sidelined for The Forehead's album. Any who! Here's something new from her.

Listen: Te amo

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When I heard The Forehead had a new song floating about, I thought "Oh Jesus..." But I'm pleasantly surprised by this. It's a really, really nice song. A demo version had leaked prior which was sang by the writer of the song and the currently in-demand talent that is James Fauntleroy (Britney's "Mannequin", Brandy's "Torn down" and "Drum life", along with Ciara's "Love Sex Magic" to name a few of the hot songs he's written). I like that the he's and she's weren't switched around despite a female now hopping on the song. So we now have a story about a girl grinding up on The Forehead at a hotel resort, telling her she loves her and shit.

I do hope this song makes the Forehead's fourth studio album and becomes a single. It really is hot. It being a single would mean we may get to see Forehead get her girl-on-girl grind on. The girl is from Barbados and I've yet to see her proper whine up herself. Plus this being a single means I'd hear it in clubs and would get to drunkenly grind one girl down in the corner.

The song does need to be tightened up though. The forehead's vocals don't seem to have stepped up a great deal from Good girl gone bad, and her drawl on the song does kill a lot of the hot blooded passion the Latin tinged number seems to be going for. But with some tighter vocal production she could do the damn thing with this. Brandy would shut this song down though. Her husky vocals and smooth layering would set this off perfectly. Then on the other end of the spectrum, Beyoncé's light and clear vocals would also colour the song well.

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