Bonus material: Mario & John Mayer - Human nature

Bonus material: Mario - Human nature
When I posted on Michael Jackson's memorial I praised John Mayer's performance of the song, and then made a plea that somebody lace it with an A capella of the original. Mario decided to go and put in that extra bit of effort, and stepped up to record his vocals over the top! Be sure to give this some air time, because it's great stuff.

♪ Human nature
© 2009, 1982 Epic records, Sony music entertainment Inc.

We all know Mario can sing like it ain't a damn thing. But as we also know, covering Michael Jackson's songs isn't something every artist can do. But it's sure as hell something Mario can do. He did a great job. "Human nature" is one of my all time favourite Michael Jackson songs. So as a fan of it, I'm glad to say Mario did a wonderful job of this.


  1. I was whippin' it yesterday when that came on in my car. I sure as hell didn't change it, either.


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