Bonus material: Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry (Japanese version)

Bonus material: Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry (Japanese version)
Super Junior re-released their third album Sorry, Sorry in Japan, and it features a bonus track: The title song sung in Japanese. Same beat, different language, still hot.

♪ Sorry, sorry (Japanese version)
Sorry, Sorry (Japanese release)
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This won't mean much to us non Japanese and Korean speaking folk. It's just a song we couldn't understand the first time around sung in another language we still can't understand! The Japanese version was done well though. It has the same pace and flow of the original which is cool. So many times when songs get translated into another language it loses it original bounce. I still prefer the original though. Because of the "Solly, solly, solly, N***a, n***a, n***a, munchin'!"

I really am shocked and a little disappointed in SM entertainment for not releasing the song "Why I like you" and giving it more exposure. The song is so damn hot and showcases the lads so well. It's always annoying when record labels and exec's fail to see the potential in songs that are hot.

Be sure to check out my review of Super Junior's album if you haven't already. It's surprisingly good, and has some great songs on it.

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