Crystal pays tribute to Michael by performing "Human nature"

During Crystal's small set in commemoration of her 10th anniversary; aside from treating folk to a performance of her single "After love -First boyfriend-" with Kaname Kawabata, she also paid tribute to Michael Jackson by performing "Human nature". Before she performs, she speaks a little on Michael's influence: being a fan of both he and Janet's. You can tell how touchy and affected she is by just speaking on it. She is too cute for her own good in this clip. I just wanted to hold her, caress her and then put some sex game on her to "Itoshiito".

Beautiful performance. Crystal sent shivers down my spine with those last few notes. I really would love an official studio recorded version of this, with Crystal lacing this with her hot signature vocal harmonies. It'd make a great inclusion on her forthcoming 'Best' album The best of Crystal Kay.


  1. OMG! Awesome, as usual.

  2. J, you gonna need to start controlling yourself when you talk about Crystal, LMAO!

    I gotta say though, she looked particularly stunning here, and sounded great.

  3. It's nice to see one of MJ's most underrated songs get some props. It was a great performance, and those notes at the end were pitch perfect!


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