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Crystal Kay's brand new swag promo shot for 2009
Crystal Kay has a new single coming August 12!! News was abound that Crystal was releasing a double A-side single, with "Girlfriend" confirmed as one of the included singles. I was hoping upon hoping we'd get "Over and over". But instead, "Girlfriend" will be accompanied by "After love -first boyfriend-" which features Kaname Kawabata of Chemistry: marking the second time Crystal has worked with him. Her first being on the song "Two as one" back in 2006. The song was and still is hot, so hopefully this'll be just as, if not more so. The single will also feature the song Crystal recorded as a tie in with a commercial for Tully's coffee - "Deaeta kiseki"

It's not been confirmed which of the A-sides will get a music video or if they both will. But I'm guessing they both will. I'm up for any excuse to see Crystal and BoA swaggin' some sexy in a video together. A dance routine would be hot too. But Crystal can't dance for shit. I love her, but she's got the moves of a cinder block. And BoA's too inconsistent. Sure, she threw down for "I did it for love". But she was on some Riverdance bullshit for "Eat you up", and then was grinding up against a wall (badly) for "Eien", which is not grind material what-so-ever.

Oh yeah. And the picture above is a new promo shot of Crystal Kay. Don't she look hot!? I wanna just run my fingers (and penis) all through that hair.

After wrapping up her Color change! tour, Crystal laid pretty low for a good while. But she'll be kicking back into promotional activities in August to coincide with her single release. Crystal will be headlining MTV Vibrations, which is like the Japanese equivalent of Spring break and Wet 'n wild. Basically, Japanese people acting like 20 odd year old white Americans around a swimming pool in the sun, whilst people sing music on a stage and avoid getting hit by beach balls. Keri Hilson was recently added as a performer at the event, which is a good look for Crystal. Especially if she's still recording songs for her upcoming release come August. Keri needs to be pennin' some shit for my girl, with Danja handling production. Could you imagine the results!? Gee-wiz!!!

Crystal will also be performing at J-wave live 2000+9. J-wave is a super popular radio station on which Crystal is one of many high profile stars who DJ's and conducts interviews for a segment called Oh! My radio. Crystal Kay will be headlining along with BoA, fellow Oh! My radio host Kumi Koda, J-rapper Kreva and songstress Ayaka to name a few. I guess that's why MTV vibrations is scarce of big names. J-wave must've been offering more Yen and some private dressing rooms with official bitches who will sort Skittles by colour, lay a path of Cherry blossoms in the dressing rooms and climb mount Fuji for pales fresh water.

I just hope whatever Sony have planned in the way of Crystal's release, that they follow through and promote it to the top of the Tokyo tower and back. I'm tired of every Crystal album having singles release in the midst of zero promotion, and then her album debut in the top 10 and falling out faster than Janet's titty at the Superbowl. Crystal's appearances at MTV and J-wave's events this year means 2 things: exposure and promotion for Crystal, and that a new release from her (whether it be a BEST compilation album or a new studio recording) is not far away. There's every chance her next release could drop in either either August or September. But don't quote me on that (unless it turns out to be true!) In which case you can quote the hell out of me and link to my shit.

Everything is pointing towards Crystal releasing an all new studio album this year. But there's been no confirmation of it as of yet. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Crystal's new album turned out to be a collaboration album. "Over and over" was helmed by Taku Takahashi of M-Flo, "Girlfriend" featured BoA, "After love" features Kaname Kawabata of Chemistry, and then we have the song "Wonder" which features Jin Akanishi of KAT-TUN. Hmmm...

Whatever the deal is, I'm buying...and in special edition format too. I've never even touched the DVD's for All yours and Color change!. But it's good to know they're there. I hope Crystal knows how much I love her. If not she best GETS ta know. When she does, she can come sit on my lap.

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  1. Man, I still haven't given Color Change a proper listen. :(

    Needs to get on that.

  2. And hopefully she has silky smooth hair if you want to get all in it like that! :P


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