New music: 2NE1 - I don't care

New music: 2NE1 - I don't care
I was wondering how 2NE1 would follow up "Fire", and was beginning to feel a little worried for the girls. But they're okay, picked a decent follow up and just don't care!

Listen: I don't care

1st mini album
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CL's little monologue at the start made me chuckle. "Sometimes you gotta ac' like you don't care. That's the only way dem boys lurrrn!" I wouldn't have been mad if she said "That's the only way them n***a's gon' lurrrn!" Okay...I would. But I know as soon as I see CL poke the booty out on stage, it'd all be water under a bridge.

I love how the girls switched gears from "Fire" with this song. It does have a sound we've heard before. Millions of time before in-fact. And chances are if fat talentless n***'s like Sean Kingston or swamp creatures like T-Pain-in-the-ass jumped on this beat I would hate it. But 2NE1 make it tolerable. The girls sound nice that chorus is just crackitty-crack. The auto-tune was NOT necessary for one of the verses. But producers stopped being rational with the auto-tune a good year ago. Folk don't even need excuses to use it now.

"I don't care" reminds me of something The Forehead's people would give her to record. I could definitely imagine her on this. Especially with the ♪ I don't care-air-air-air-air-aiiiiiiiir! ♪.

"Fire" and "I don't care" are so western worthy. Peeps would step the hell out of both songs. I know I would. I've already worn patches in my carpet because to "Fire".

It'll be interesting to see the girls perform this live. Because their recent "Umbrella" performance showed that 2NE1's shit falls apart once they actually sing whilst engaging in choreography.


  1. I like it. And you are definitely right about the western feel.

    I'm excited to hear the rest of their mini album. And see the lives. CL is my girl.

  2. I love it because compared to all the mid-tempo songs like Hot Issue or Genie, this one sounds relaxing.

    Or like an old reggae tune my family would play in my house. :D

    Cannot wait for their album, but I wish they would push it back one day (to my B-Day)

  3. This sucks. This sounds like some sh*t Blaque would have recorded, not that they weren't a hot group, but it's dated.


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