New music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Sunrise ~Love is all~

New music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Sunrise ~Love is all~
Ayumi Hamasaki and her 46th single! Those who bought Next level can curse out all they like that this new Ayu song isn't on the album despite it having released in March. But we'll just drown them out by cranking up said new single.

Listen: Sunrise ~Love is all~

Sunrise / Sunset ~Love is all~
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Wow. I don't hate this shit! I went into this song pretty sceptical, as I'm not fan of Ayumi "Robot-face" Hamasaki and her music. But I really like this song. It's cute, fun, and will serve its purpose more than fine for the theme of a TV drama. The song is so cute, cool and well produced that I honestly would've liked it regardless of who done it. It's a shame this wasn't featured on her Next level album, although it wouldn't have fit the style of it what-so-ever.


  1. Yeah it's a cute song, but I personally would hate it be a full time Ayumi fan. It always seems like she drops an album, a completely new song comes round a few months later. You could spend money like water on her! Sure, maybe every now and then is fine, but every year? A 'Best' mega collection then a new song a few weeks later? Far too much...

  2. I'm afraid I don't like it. But I do like songs from her latest album like Green, Rule and Random J, I think you may like this one, LOVE 'n' HATE. It's so different and sounds really good.

    However I still wonder to myself how Ayumi fans love every one of her singles, I like every two other songs that she puts out mostly the B-sides too nowadays.

  3. I don't like this song. I'm a fan but it sounds like a rehash of some of her other songs. I also feel she puts out to much material. The last album I liked was Guilty. Since then her stuff hasn't been fresh to me. I think her stuff is over produced. I've been listening to Shiina Ringo's latest and there's a vibrancy and energy to her music that I just don't get from Ayu or a lot of other artists for that matter.


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