New music: Brown eyed girls - Abracadabra

New music: Brown eyed girls - Abracadabra
Korean girl groups are in trend right now. (As if you couldn't twig from the sheer number of them strutting their skinny legs around stages and sets in Seoul). K-Pop gals Brown eyed girls have been in the game longer than half the other chicks in the game right now, and are back to stake their claim and the baddest chicks in K-pop. With a song as hot as "Abracadabra", who am I to argue!?

Listen: Abracadabra

Sound G
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Once again Korea is running the auto-tune and running into the ground quicker than the cross breed of Usain Bolt and a mole. But I can't fight it. I love this song, and most of the other K-Pop joints that have been saturated in auto-tune over the past year.

"Abracadabra" is my shit. Ain't nothing wrong that beat and the girls' swag on the verses is just on point. The song is in the vein of what Lady Gaga and pretty much every other chick in the game would do.


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