New music: Cassie - Stamina

New music: Cassie - Stamina
It's taken Cassie's people long enough to realize that electro jams are the songs that Cassie sounds best on! Cassie must've given Rodney Jerkins some hot nookie and some gangsta brain, because Darkchild has now stepped up and hooked her up with "Stamina". A Cassie song couldn't have a more fitting title. I think it should be the album title. Dual meanings and all that. Not only must Cassie go like a rabbit and last for hours with all the n***a's she be taking it from, but Cassie has lasted int he game WAY longer than I thought she would.

Listen: Stamina

Electro love
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We've already seen more of Cassie's vagina than her unborn fetus, yet she wants us to get so close to her we can see her goosebumps!? Jesus.

I'd like this song more if Janet Jackson or even Jennifer Lopez did it. But the song isn't all that great to start with. It sounds just like Michael Jackson's "Unbreakable", but with more piano licks replaced with synths. Same key, same vibe, same "Oooooooooh-oooooooo-oooohhhhhh"'s and everything. It's one of the better songs I've heard from this new album of her's since "Official girl" though.


  1. They should use that echo and enhancement effect on her voice on EVERY song, shit's weak otherwise. And it seems like someone finally told Cassie to stop whispering, I can actually hear her and her voice sounds like it has *some* power to it. Granted, it's not turned up to 11, but it'll do.

    That joint reminded me of some Tricky Stewart & The-Dream hits, though. Can't lie.


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