New music: Christina Milian featuring The Dream - Chameleon

New music: Christina Milian featuring The Dream - Chameleon
Some couples should just keep their shit out of the studio. Fair enough. Milian's new other half is The Dream, who is no stranger to hits these days. But still. For the two of them to have thought this song was even good enough to record in the first place...

Listen: Chameleon

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The Dream can do better than this and so can Christina. I don't know why she continues to hustle with her music career when it's clear shit ain't gonna happen for her. Christina is a hotty. And I would love to see n***a's spin her in black paint as she pops that thang in another video. But she needs to call it a day. She's in a better position now than she was before though. At least she's with somebody who is making money and waves in the music game right now. Which is more than what could be say with her last squeeze Dre. I haven't heard anything from the dudes since "Naomi". Christina may not be making no mnoney in the music game, but The Dream sho' as hell is. Even when the love is gone, she needs to just bend over. Home girl has got to maintain that lifestyle at all costs. As Tina said: "What's love got to do with it!?" Not a damn thing is what.

I'm not sure what it is with The Dream. He seems to attract hot chicks with failed careers. First Nivea, now Christina. Michelle Williams, Brandy and Monica will be on a n***a's dick in 5 years time. Watch.


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