New music: Crystal Kay featuring Kaname (of Chemistry) - After love -First boyfriend-

New music: Crystal Kay featuring Kaname (of Chemistry) - After love -First boyfriend-
The Crystal Kay newness floodgates seem to have opened wider than Cassie's legs. Because the same day her new single gets announced, we have it to listen to!

Listen: After love -First boyfriend-

Upcoming Crystal Kay release
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I want to be all over this song because I stan for Crystal Kay and have been waiting to hear some new stuff from her. But I think this song is boring. It sounds like Stargate threw up Christmas all over Crystal Kay, and caught poor Kaname too. It borders on rubbish. I only listened to it all the way through because it's Crystal Kay. Also, Kaname was not needed on this song. There's no sense of chemistry (pun not intended) between him or Crystal. It pales in comparison to Crystal's songs with the likes of M-Flo, where she and Verbal sound so cohesive you'd swear blind she's part of M-Flo.

Crystal must still have some form of contract with Tully's coffee, because as with "Deaeta kiseki", this song will go rounds for their commercials, which of course will feature Crystal drinking coffee, looking super fine and smiling with some miscellaneous man that should be me.

This song may grow on me, but right now I'm not overly sold on it. It's horribly underwhelming. Just gimme "Over and over" already. Of all these non Color change! songs to drop, "Over and over" has been the only one that has had me goin' crazy and got stuck on repeat. "Deaeta kiseki" was always hotness, but as with 90% of Crystal's music: Sony f**ked up on it, limited it to a download and just didn't give it enough exposure.

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  1. I'm not fond of it. I prefer Suki.

  2. Crystal Kay IS a part of m-flo! lol


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