New music: Crystal Kay - Hold on (Shitty rip)

New music: Crystal Kay - Hold on
News on Crystal's song "Hold on" for the Stephen King movie Dolan’s Cadillac hit the web yonks ago. The song was completely out of my head, as I thought the film would either get scrapped or bypass DVD and go straight to Bit-torrent with the song going M.I.A in the process. But we finally get to hear the song in full! As with every other Crystal Kay song that's leaked, the quality is as rough as Chris Brown is with women. But still decent enough to form an opinion on it.

Listen: Hold on (shitty rip)

Dolan’s Cadillac OST
© 2009 Epic records, Sony BMG music entertainment Japan

Of all the Crystal Kay songs to drop between Color change!'s release and now, this is the one I feel shows off her vocals best. Girl has come a LONG way since "Kitto eien ni". She was killing the song from the start. The note she hit at the 2:30 was was too much for me. So hot.

Crystal's English singing voice is perfect. Sometimes when J-Pop chicks sing in English they end up sounding iffy and not as good as they do in Japanese. Even those who can speak it fluently. But Crystal sounds great. Kuri fans have heard her sing in English before. After all, this isn't the first of her songs to be sung entirely in English. But it's nice re-affirmation she can do it and sound great. She has an even sexier tone when she sings in English. I'd put it on Crystal to this song; real meaningful and slow.

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  1. I love you, man.... I've been on the edge of my seat for this since frickin' NOVEMBER, for Christ's sake.

  2. I really like this song, A LOT. I hope it gets picked up by the radio stations here in the U.S. I so want CK to get the wider audience she deserves. Can't wait to get her new Best Of.....

  3. Whooooo I'm late! Better than never though, right? lol

    I love this song! I really wish she would consider coming over her to the West. She's proven time and time again that she could do it.

    But that horse has already been mutilated to death now.

  4. So... the movie released but a soundtrack seems to be non-existent. I certainly wish I could get it.

  5. It's strange...and a shame. Because this is such an nice song and Crystal sounds AMAZING on it. She kills it with the notes on that second verse.


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