New music: Dizzee Rascal featuring Calvin Harris & Chrome - Holiday

New music: Dizzee Rascal featuring Calvin Harris & Chrome - Holiday
Okay. Dizzee has a new single doing rounds. After winning over fans and charts with his number 1 hits "Dance wiv me" and "Bonkers", can he do it a third time with "Holiday"? I think he will. Whether you like this or not, you know this going straight to the top of the UK charts.

Listen: Holiday

Tongue "N" Cheek
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I wasn't on this song at first. But the more I listen to it, the more I like. I'm just thinking about how this song would go in a club though. It's uptempo enough that everybody would step to it. But the tempo's too slow to really go at it on the floor. Only during the euphoric switch at end would people really start to wild out and get loose. The song would rock at festivals though. People would go crazy to that switch at the end. Titties'd come out, dudes would crowd surf, somebody would pass out from a E. You know the deal. Just listen to that shit! It's more euphoric than "I'm not alone"!

I just love how Dizzee doesn't give a f**k about genre's or styles. Each single he's dropped has sounded completely different from the last. Even though he's teamed back up with Calvin Harris and Chrome, their second collaborative effort couldn't be more different from "Dance wiv me".

Calvin is really shocking me with his productions these days. I always knew Calvin had skills from his debut album. But his shit is much more intricate, tighter and melodic than it was before, without losing his signature style.

I was hoping Dizzee would release "Road rage" though. Because that song sounds bananas. But I do like "Holiday", and do think it's the right song for the summer. With all the commercial and critical success Dizzee is enjoying right now, his album is bound to do really well commericially when it drops in September.


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