New music: Hikaru Utada - Beautiful world (PLANiTb acoustica mix)

New music: Hikaru Utada - Beautiful world (PLANiTb acoustica mix)
The mother of my unborn child has a brand new remix of an old song on the scene. (You Hikki lovers remember "Beautiful world", right?)

And I'll say this from now: Yup. I do think the opening guitars sound a little like the Beyondroid's "If I were a boy".

Listen: Beautiful world (PLANiTb acoustica mix)

Evangelion: 2.0 You can (not) advance OST
© 2009 EMI music Japan

Now THIS is what you call a remix. Amazing. I loved the original version of "Beautiful world" because of how upbeat, ethereal and synthed out it was. But I love this remix because of how edgy and gritty it sounds. I would've loved Hikaru Utada to have re-recorded some of her vocals. Or even write a whole new song to this music. But everything aside from the vocals are so well arranged and sound so great that you do forgive it after a few listens. Still a shame though. As with "Simple & clean", PLANiTb completely switched the whole tone of the song, and in such an awesome way.

As the original version of "Beautiful world" acted as the theme song to one of the Rebuild of Evangelion films Evangelion: 2.0: You are (not) alone, its remix will feature as the theme to the films sequel Evangelion: 2.0 You can (not) advance.

The home of the original: Heart station album review


  1. I'm fond of this remix too - but again Beautiful World is one of my favourite Utada Hikaru songs. Currently been playing it on repeat on my ipod :-)


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