New music: Jordin Sparks - Walking on snow

New music: Jordin Sparks - Walking on snow
New Jordin! Unlike "Battlefield" this song is bright, breezy and optimistic. You can actually listen to this song without feeling depressed and wanting to slit a wrist.

Listen: Walking on snow

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When I heard Jordin's album sampler, this was the song that I liked the most. Now I've heard it in full, I love it. I especially like the lyrics, particularly the line "It's like walking in snow without leaving a trace". Great song. It gives me Kelly Rowland vibes. She has that pretty voice that'd really suit a song like this.

I was shocked when the drums came in, because I was not expecting them to knock like they do. Chooooooon! Much better than that "Battlefield" shit which I liked initially, but am sick to death of now. "Walking on snow" should be Jordin's next single.


  1. She looks very beautiful in this photo.


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