New music: Karina Pasian - Stole my heart

New music: Karina Pasian - Stole my heart
Def Jam's young songstress Karina Pasian is in the process of recording her second studio album. And in the midst of videos of her in the studio making their way to YouTube, a new song of hers has also surfaced.

Listen: Stole my heart

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Sniff! Can you smell Brandy!? Can I sure as hell can. This track is Brandy through and through. It reminds me a lot of "1st and love" mixed with "Keyed". I'm liking this though. I'm all about them drums. Karina's vocal game sounds incredibly sedate though. She could've put more life into them. Only towards the end does she start to flutter and sounds nice and alive. With any luck she'll go back into the studio and lace it a little different. With any luck her second album will actually release! I have this horrible feeling that after recording an album, L.A Reid will shelve it and drop her. N***a has a habit of letting go of talented ladies.


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