New music: Leona Lewis - Strangers, Brave & Perfect stranger

New music: Leona Lewis - Strangers, Brave & Perfect stranger
Poor Leona's gone and sprung a leak. I guess in the midst of the game's 2 best known divas Miming Mimi and Crack Pit-ney Houston making their re-appearance on the charts this year, that Leona's people figured it's time to push the younger girl who channels the classic versions of 'em both. It'll certainly put some fire under Mariah and Whitney's arses. Because they know Leona can do what they used to be able to do, but can't any more...

Listen: Stranger

Listen: Brave

Listen: Perfect stranger

Leona Lewis' second studio album
© 2009 Arista records, RCA music group / Sony music entertainment

Sure is nice to hear another big voice belt and take it there without pro-tools and auto-tune aside from the Beyondroid. Shame about the lack of impact where gusto and personalbility is concerned. But hey, that's Leona Lewis for you. A pretty face, big voice, f**k all else to her. Okay, that was a bit harsh. But she definitely needs some drama and sass in her life.

Wow! I just go side tracked. Right... the songs.

I like the song "Strangers", just not Leona on it. This for me a classic example of how having a great voice doesn't necessarily mean you can sing everything. You need swagger and that 'it' factor that allows you to just work any style, and Leona doesn't have that. At least not yet. She's out of her depth with this song. She should've left this to the likes of P!nk, Kelly Clarkson and Imogen Heap. Shit, even Miley Cyrus would've given this song more punch.

"Perfect stranger" is nice and would make a sexy single. The song isn't great. And it has a bounce about it that many songs have adopted as of late. But it is nice. The first name that came to mind when I first heard this song was Crystal Kay. Don't ask why. But I just envisioned her taking this song and stamping it with her smooth and sultry vocals, and turning it into gold as a result.

Now, "Brave" is HOT. Probabaly the hottest song I've heard from Leona since "Misses glass". It's the nice big pop ballad that every chick with a powerful vocals' album needs. The song is 100% single material. The instrumentations and lyrics are top notch, and the song has a very classic sound about it. I'm gonna have to bring 'her' up though. Yep, the Beyondroid. I'd love to hear her lace her gritty vocals all over this song. Given "Halo" and "Smash into you", it's not hard to imagine the Beyondroid on this song at all. It wouldn't surprise me if Mathew Knowles murdered a couple of people, locked an assistant in a cupboard, shut down a record label and threatened to kill a couple of careers to get his number 1 daughter this song before Leona ended up with it.

I've always agreed that Leona's had a great voice on her. I mean...what's there to agree on really?! She has a great voice PERIOD. No if's and but's about it. She brings that big, un-pro-tooled vocal game that chicks like Mariah and Whitney struggle to these days, because Father Time hasn't sucker punched Leona and Karate chopped her in the neck yet. But I've never been a big fan of Leona's music in general because I find her so damn boring. And Leona's lack of personality is what affects how much enjoyment I get out of her music. I just wish Leona would try to be more interesting. Go Starbucks and whip a titty out, go upside a random woman's head in Harrods, open her legs in a photoshoot, attack a stewardess on a flight with a plate, do some crack. Anything!


  1. WOW! way better than her last album :P
    stranger is the best but theyre all top qualirt :P


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