New music: Ryan Leslie - You're not my girl

New music: Ryan Leslie - You're not my girl
Atfer Cassie moving onto another n***a's dick for some beats and his last album pretty much flopping, Ryan's back on the case to get his shine on. He picked the perfect time to have this song surface too. Because this right here is on a Michael Jackson Off the wall tip. Michael Jackson. King of pop. Never goin' anywhere. Always relevant. This is a much better tribute to Michael than that "Better on the other side" rubbish. Whether it was intentional of Ryan or not.

Listen: You're not my girl

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I find Ryan's music to be really hit and miss. The only song of his I really, really loved with a passion was "Overdose". But this "You're not my girl" joint right here is hot. The production as a whole is pretty flawless (even if it does bite The Neptunes). Lashings of Michael, with a hint of Stevie Wonder: Winner.


  1. I find it amazing that Ryan Leslie can channel ALL of the 80s into one song, including the Inspector Gadget theme. Shoot, this needs to go on the iPod, as soon as possible.


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