New music: Sugababes - Get sexy

New music: Sugababes - Get sexy
With the UK trio the Sugababes set to drop their seventh studio album, they've finally gone to the dark side and hopped on the US sounding bandwagon. Their new single "Get sexy" is unlike anything they've done before and sounds like every other song on the radio. You'd be hard pressed to tell this isn't a part 2 to "Boom Boom Pow".

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The Sugababes' seventh studio album
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Rubbish. What I always loved about the Sugababes was that they never conformed. Their sound was always so different to the point where nobody else could quite pull it off but them. But "Get sexy" is an anybody song, and a song that features lines from a Right Said Fred song at that! Drapse any girl out of a River island or a Topshop, and shove a microphone in her face and she could do this song. And to have Amelle see how many times she can say sexy in the most un-sexiest builders voice ever just grates. Keisha and heidi may as well have not been on the song. I don't like this song much. But if it dropped in a club, I'd step to it. It's one of those ones.

The song is produced by The Smeezingtons, a production duo consisting of Bruno Mars and Philip Lawrence. You'd never think "Get sexy" was co-written and produced by the same guys who co-produced Brandy's "Long distance" would ya?

With the girls having worked with RedOne, Stargate and Tricky Stewart on their new album, surely they could've had a better song to drop as a lead single than this!? I really hope the Sugababes new album is good, because their last 2 albums were whack. And if they drop a third flop, they'll need to seriously consider calling it a day.

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  1. That's the Sugababes????

    No, this has got to be a joke right? *checks the almight God that is wikipedia*....damn you're right O_O

    Hate the song, sounds like any rap/r'n'b artist could've sung that shit! The last song I like from them was 'About You Now' they're just...sigh...such a shame to see a unique band go down the drain...

    I think the Sugababes should've pushed their sound in the USA when Mutya was still around. 'Freak Like Me' would've be a great hit if ti was pushed more.

  2. The Sugababes are changing, man. The beginning was good until they started singing then it just got messed up.

    Oh yeah, it's my bday and I love your articles, I'll keep reading them.


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