New music: Utada - Sanctuary (Ending)

New music: Utada - Sanctuary (Ending)
Well...this isn't entirely new on one hand, but is on another. Utada has released "Sanctuary" as a digital single, and it's release features the ending version of the song: which fans have been waiting patient for in what feels like forever. Having to make do with ragged rips from Kingdom Hearts II. But no more...

Listen: Sanctuary (Ending)

This is the one (US release)
© 2009 The Island Def Jam music group, a Universal music group

I prefer this version of "Sanctuary" to the opening version. I never really liked the opening version of "Sanctuary" because the vocal production (what was left of it) seemed too half-arsed. It sounds as though Hikaru recorded her vocals for the ending version and just threw them over the top of the opening one. No backing vocals, no harmonies. Nothing.

It's a shame Def Jam haven't pushed this release more. Or that they didn't release this to coincide with the release of the Nintendo DS game 365/2 days - which is set within Kingdom Hearts II's story time frame and also has the same theme song as the second game. Placing this song in commercials for the US release of the game wouldn't have been a bad idea. It seems like such a waste. First the Japanese version of the song gets slung at the end of Hikaru's Ultra blue album like some throwaway bonus track, and then it releases digitally on the ultimate down low with no new music video or anything. I wonder why Def Jam bothered signing her in the first place if they're just gonna dog her like this.

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  1. I love this song to pieces! The piano just makes it so much better than the opening version, and it just a better version overall with more feeling.

    I remember putting this song at the end of one of my podcasts. It was of course the version ripped from the game. Would've been nice to have this one.

  2. I think this version is nice too, I had the rip from the game (which of course has the Disney character chatting over it!). Once the UK release of the album comes out (hopefully with this bonus track) I'll grab myself a copy.

    I wonder what is taking the Europeon release of This is the One so long, considering at one point they were planning for it to be at the same time as the American release...

  3. Also; forgot to mention earlier - here's a link to some great shots of her in a recent photo shoot if you're interested.

  4. Come now lilithdarkstorm, J is ALWAYS interested in some pics of Utada. The dude wants to suck her toes for goodness sake! :P

  5. That's true Junlee...although I don't have any pics of her feet, I'm sure J would be all over it if such photos were to leak :-)


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