New music: Whitney Houston - I didn't know my own strength

New music: Whitney Houston - I didn't know my own strength
People tried to call out Mariah for hopping on auto-tune and coming with generic hood shit for her new single "Obsessed". But I honestly would've taken Whitney on 808's, auto tune, hand claps and finger snaps over this...

Listen: I didn't know my own strength

I look to you
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Bitch made us wait all this time for this shit!? I love Whitney. But this song is dusty. The lyrics are the only think I like. They're cliched and what you'd expect given Whitney's highly publicized past; but they are nice. Everything else bored me. And as for the voice, its seems sucking Bobby Brown's crack d**k and doing all that crack has taken its toll. There wasn't that Whitney vocal tightness that I remember on the classics, and that she still had for My love is your love. She hit one foul note around the 2:09 mark that was so bad I'm wondering why the hell David Foster left it in the song and didn't auto-tune, pitch correct, or highlight and delete it.

Whatever Whitney releases as a lead single will do well enough, because everybody loves a bit of Whitney. But my n***a Clive Davis could've picked a better lead single than this, surely! It doesn't even sound like that big classic Whitney song because nothing about it is big or memorable. Whitney needed to be running such a tight ship with the vocals and hitting notes so big that chicks would try to sing it on American idol and fail. I'm betting half the auditionees would out-sing Whitney no problem. We're already getting chicks (and dudes) going toe-to-toe with Mariah.

Now excuse me whilst I go listen to "So emotional" and "Love will save the day".


  1. Voice was straining, and she wasn't even hitting big notes or anything.

  2. I love WHitney houston but this song is not going to make it on the charts. In her defense, I've heard this is just a demo and not the actual single, but still. It's not all that great. I woudl like to see Whitney sing some faster dance tunes as well. I also want to know if she has heard that Bin Laden is after her and very much in love with her from reading the Kola Boof autobiography? That shocked me when I saw it on the news and I wanted to know how Whitney is feeling about that. Her new CD needs to have all types of drama just like her life. Shes also the top superstar female of our generation so her Cd needs to have drama.


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