New music: Whitney Houston - I look to you

New music: Whitney Houston - I look to you
New Whitney. A song called "I look to you", written by R. Kelly, with Harvey Mason Jr. and Tricky Stewart on production duties.

Listen: I look to you

I look to you
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I don't like this at all. This song received a standing ovation at her listening party. It must've been out of courtesy, because this song is rubbish. Actually, scratch that! As with "I didn't know my own strength", it's a case of a really good song sung really badly. Whitney sounds crusty and there's just no emotion.

I don't know what it is about this song and "I didn't know my own strength", but Whitney doesn't sound like herself at all. Granted: her voice ain't what it used to be. But even the way she sings; it doesn't sound like that classic Whitney swag. Even with Mariah's voice f**king up on her, she still manages to ride her beats like Mariah always has.

Danja has cut a track with Whitney called "Nothin' but love". I need that shit to leak. Hopefully he over produced the track and threw in so many finger snaps and synths that it'll mask how bad Whitney's voice is. I hope it ain't hood shit like "Migrate" though. Whitney could've pulled that off when she was a crack head, but she can't now.


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