New music: Adrienne Bailon - Superbad

New music: Adrienne Bailon - Superbad
That nice looking chick from 3LW with the natural long hair and the big voice is trying to make it as a solo star; after 3LW faded into nothing and Disney decided they could make enough from the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus to kick the Cheetah girls to the curb. Her song is called "Superbad" and it is produced by Dernst "D'Mile" Emile: who co-produced Janet Jackson's "Feedback" and "Roller coaster" with Rodney Jerkins, and produced Joe's "Emergency room".

Listen: Superbad

Adrienne Bailon's debut album
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Adrienne needs to go apply at that same KFC where she threw a 2 piece chicken meal in Naturi's face. Because she'll flop and need a new line of work if she doesn't come better than this. To be completely honest the song itself isn't entirely bad. But it's one of many dime a dozen songs out there that sound EXACTLY the same. This song will drop in a club and play on the radio and nobody will really care or want to know who it is because Adrienne doesn't bring enough swagger or presence on the song to lift it out of mediocrity. Now if a chick like Lady Gaga had gotten this song. She would've ran circles around it. And if RedOne had produced it, he would've synthed and horned that chorus out so it sounds bigger and gets you going.

Adrienne has a good voice on her and is a hot looking gal. She's certainly marketable, but she needs that extra something that makes an artist, and I'm not getting that from her right now.


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