New music: Alexandra Burke featuring Flo'Rida - Bad boys

New music: Alexandra Burke featuring Flo'Rida - Bad boys
X-Factor 2008 winner Alexandra Burke has only gone and recorded her debut single with Flo'Rida. I guess credibility isn't what she's going for with this release then.

The song probably won't get monumental amounts of air play as Leona's "Bleeding love" did. But it will get spun on urban radio and cut across a crowd Leona's debut single didn't. Wait until the chorus kicks in before you start cussing this out as a "Womanizer" tax...

Listen: Bad boys

Alexandra Burke's debut album
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This is a pretty hot single. It won't get a lean outta me in a club, but I'd Grandad step to it if I was feeling stupid (which is 80% of the time when I'm on the dance floor). I can't stand Flo'Rida. But he sounds alright on this. Alexandra's voice goes well with the song, but the vocal production is seriously lacking. Some better arrangements would have helped this pop better.

Simon Cowell is going all out with Alexandra's album as he did Leona's. Leona's debut was dusty. But then again producers had one boring ass chick to work with. Vocal ability aside, Leona Lewis is about as interesting as a bottle of water. But with Alexandra having a bit more to her: hopefully The Neptunes, Akon, Stargate and James Fauntleroy will give her something hot to work with.


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