New music: Amerie - Heard 'em all

New music: Amerie - Heard 'em all
Sean Garrett is back, infecting Amerie's shit with her official second single "Heard 'em all". As with when Amerie came onto the scene with "1 thing", I can already hear folk saying how this shit sounds like Beyoncé...

Listen: Heard 'em all

In love & war
© 2009 The Island Def Jam music group, a Universal music group

I can NOT believe Eric Hudson produced this. Dude is usually knocking out hotness. The beat is dusty. It doesn't bang, it doesn't knock hard, it doesn't pop, and the bridge section is just a mess. The whole thing sounds incomplete. Amerie's vocal game is tight, but she doesn't lace the song enough to mask the lack of instrumentation's. Amerie can do better than this. MUCH better. Sean Garrett's lyrical game is also all over this. Weren't Amerie singing about no Louis Vuitton handbags until the n***a came along.

Amerie needs to go yodel at a KFC, because she will get dropped at this rate. The thing is, that her In love & war album is probably really, really good. But the wrong singles are being released off of it. It was a similar situation with Because I love it. Decent album wrong singles.

The worst thing Amerie did was to cut ties with Rich Harrison. The two of them had a great chemistry, and to have put a stop to that was stupid. Rich would've put the bounce into Amerie's shit that The Buchanans and Eric Hudson have failed to for her first 2 singles respectively. RichGirl's gain, Amerie's loss. I smell a drop from Def Jam.


  1. This sounds like a typical Sean Garrett joint, where he has the girl in a club bragging about how she got it like that and all the swag she got on her and singing bout a real dude puttin' it on her. Same with the demos he wrote for Ciara and Britney Spears' "Toy Soldier". This is by no means anything new. Got me convinced Sean Garrett tryna f**k her career again just like with "Touch".

    This is like the anti-Amerie. Artists need to realize that people don't listen to them just for their voice, but also for the production. And, sometimes when you change producers, it's like you become a totally different artist and alienate your fans. There's a such thing as a good change, where the producer hears your repertoire and gets it, but there's also change for the worse. Duran Duran experienced this with Red Carpet Massacre when they got together with Timbo and Danja. Not that I didn't like the album, but even John Taylor agreed that the group "lost" something.


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