New music: Aubrey O'Day featuring Shanell Woodgette - Party all the time

New music: Aubrey O'Day featuring Shanell Woodgette - Party all the time
With Aubrey Ho'Day booted out of Danity Kane (for no good reason) she's hustling on with a solo career, with the help of former band mate D. Wood's sister.

Listen: Party all the time

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I liked Eddie Murphy's version. I still do. But this cover is hot. It retains that 80's sound, whilst keeping it current enough that contemporary radio and clubs will spin it. I also like how the lyrics weren't changed in places, but were changed in others - so that the song implies some girl on girl action. (Rick James would be proud!) You just know if a video gets shot for this that Aubrey is going to be going on absolutely scandalous in the video. I really would like this to become a fully fledged single.

It's a shame that Cassie's sugar Daddy went and split up a good group with potential and 2 good albums under their belt over some stupid bullshit. Danity Kane could've dropped this song and had a hit with it. I say Aubrey, Shanell, Wanita and Aundrea get back together and form a new group. I'm not fussed about Dawn. I like the chick, but I get the feeling she was s**king on P. Diddy's piece to try and secure herself a solo career (that won't ever get off the ground). If Diddy really wanted to make a solo star out of any Danity Kane member, he should've gone with Aubrey. Say what you will about the ho, but she was the face of Danity Kane. Weren't none of the other DK chicks hustling and getting attention from websites, blogs and Playboy but my ho Aubrey. She's better off on her own any way. Signing to Bad boy is career suicide. When you're with Bad boy you either get shelved, curbed or end up dead.

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